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Learn more about IDEAA offerings, our mandate and how we can support your team advance their competency in diversity, equity and inclusion for the healthcare space.

Is your team eager to work with us? Scroll below to learn about our training and education process.

IDEAA Training & Consultation

Hundreds of UHN learners trained in IDEAA 101 every year.


Build foundational IDEAA-competency

Our self-paced learnings in our digital workbooks are available for download at anytime.

A mix of short lessons, reflection questions, Ted Talks and interviews with subject matter experts, our IDEAA workbooks aim to provide introductory and entry-level training to all members of #TeamUHN. If you’d like to work with IDEAA on building IDEAA-competency for your team, but haven’t yet completed these workbooks, please begin here.

IDEAA 101 Workbooks Series

Custom Education for Clinical Teams and Researchers

Health begins with equity. 

Arm your team with the knowledge they need to advance their goals in research and equitable healthcare delivery by learning about the barriers faced by Canada’s most vulnerable patient populations.

Work with IDEAA to develop custom education delivered directly to your team.

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1-on-1 Coaching & Consultation

1-on-1 Coaching & Consultation

Are you a People Leader or People & Culture Consultant looking to enhance your skills in inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility and antiracism?

Work with the IDEAA office to identify IDEAA gaps, reach IDEAA goals and accomplish transformative change through education and consultation with our team.

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IDEAA Survey Consultations

Are you a P&C Consultant or UHN Leader with questions about the IDEAA Survey? We are here to help. Please use Microsoft Teams to schedule a meeting with

  • the Director of IDEAA (
  • the Manager of IDEAA (


The IDEAA team is available every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm EST for 20-minute consultations re: the IDEAA survey. If more time is needed, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled at a later date.

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Drop-in Consultations

The IDEAA team is available to consult on a range of matters relating to the Ontario Human Rights Code at anytime. To make our processes more accessible, we’ve established drop-in hours for P&C consultants to speak to us virtually with new slots available each week.

Examples of possible consultation topics include:

  • Advice and guidance for ongoing investigations
  • Questions about the OHRC
  • Policy clarifications
  • Employee concerns and disputes


The IDEAA team is available every Thursday from 12pm-2pm EST for 30-minute consultations with P&C Consultants. Please use Microsoft Teams to schedule a meeting with the Director or Manager of IDEAA.

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