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Data-driven IDEAA
Strategies and Education

Turning results into action using the 3-Phase IDEAA Strategy

The data collected from the IDEAA survey have been delivered in divisional reports to People and Culture Consultants. Each report will contain scores in the 5 IDEAA Dimensions: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Antiracism. The “scorecard” reflects the Likert rating from WorkTango which measures sentiment from most to least favourable, and prescribes IDEAA action steps to educate, uplift and enhance IDEAA-Competency across UHN. 

While it is the ultimate responsibility of leaders to interpret and analyze the results, your People and Culture consultant will be available to guide you through the process.

For more information about the survey results, speak to your People and Culture Consultant. 

Looking for more information about the IDEAA Survey? Use our consultation platform to schedule a meeting with the IDEAA team.

Consultation platform

3-Phase IDEAA Strategy

Red Phase

August 2023 – May 2024

The red phase aims to fulfill the need for foundational knowledge and information about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Action steps for this phase includes:

  • Learning series that can be completed at your own pace
  • Short, accessible videos about the basics of accessibility, anti-racism, colonialism, and discrimination
  • Introducing inclusive language and understanding why words matter
  • Demystifying negative stereotypes about equity-seeking communities
  • Addressing and dismantling internal biases
  • Addressing global forms of racism such as Anti-Asian, Anti-Blackness, Anti-Indigenous, Islamophobia
  • Individual coaching available for TeamUHN requiring support in grasping IDEAA principles

The survey results provide insight into the TeamUHN experience(s) that may be hard to receive and will be a valuable tool for improvement and understanding. We encourage all leaders to take time to absorb and process the feedback, ask questions and prepare to discuss with their P&C Consultant.


August 2023

  • IDEAA Team to finalize divisional reports for P&C Consultants
  • Finalize Strategic Plan with the help of leaders from Team 4 of the IDEAA Governance Structure
  • Finalize IDEAA 101 Workbook Series
  • Deliver results to P&C Consultants
  • Prepare P&C Consultants to distribute portfolio-based results to UHN leaders

September – November 2023

  • P&C Consultants to deliver results to UHN Leaders
  • P&C to develop action plans with People Leaders to encourage #TeamUHN to complete the IDEAA 101 Educational Workbook series

December 2023

  • IDEAA to finalize tracking and uptake mechanism for IDEAA 101 Workbook Series
  • IDEAA to finalize the digital learning and consultation platform

January 2024

  • Launch of the IDEAA digital education platform
  • People Leaders to finalize action plans with P&C Consultants to encourage uptake of the IDEAA 101 Workbooks

February – May 2024 

  • #TeamUHN to complete IDEAA 101 Workbook Series

Yellow Phase

June 2024 – January 2025

The yellow phase aims to build on the foundational education received by #TeamUHN from February to May 2024. This includes upgrading IDEAA-competency across our organizing by acquiring:

  • Specialized and in-depth education built with input and guidance from the UHN community
  • Virtual training with reflection and response items supported by regular dialogue at work in staff meetings, huddles or rounds
  • Lessons that expand on foundational subject matter as it relates to anti-oppression
  • Resources for professional development in IDEAA
  • Monitoring and evaluation of IDEAA education uptake
  • Measuring IDEAA competency and skills across #TeamUHN
  • Restructuring recruitment and retention processes to increase diversity at UHN

Green Phase

January 2025 – July 2025

The final phase in this 3 year strategy calls for maintenance. Action steps for this category will be geared toward ensuring that the current workplace culture is viable and sustainable. This phase will look to identify departments as IDEAA leaders at UHN. As IDEAA ambassadors, departments in the green phase will receive action steps for: 

  • Promoting organizational accountability
  • Demonstrating inclusive leadership and equitable IDEAA practices in the workplace
  • Providing welcoming environments that communicate and display IDEAA principles 
  • Uplifting adjacent teams and supporting their IDEAA goals 
  • Advanced courses on IDEAA subject matter to enhance their professional development
  • Workplace Equity review of hiring, promotions and compensation based on survey results.

Want to know more about the 3-Phase IDEAA Strategy? Visit the IDEAA Survey tab to learn about the origins, history, methodology and governance structure behind the 2022 IDEAA Survey Initiative.

IDEAA Survey Initiative