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Managing IDEAA Accommodations

Managers and People Leaders

Use discretion 

Leaders are encouraged to use their discretion when employees present unique or exceptional needs for accommodation, including:

  • Temporary family-status accommodations for employees managing family emergencies.
  • Examples include: parents suddenly without childcare, employees managing a new diagnosis for a child with exceptional needs, or employees managing a death in the family

Be familiar with important cultural and holy days 

Leaders should familiarize themselves with commonly observed cultural days and events where employees may need time off.

Some religious events may not be as well known. Refer to the IDEAA Multi-Cultural Calendar to learn more.

Refer to IDEAA 

In cases where the accommodation need is ongoing, or where a referral to health services is not eligible, the employee should be directly referred to the IDEAA Team for a confidential interview.

Leaders should not try to conduct an interview themselves, or request accommodation.

Multicultural Calendar


The IDEAA Team

Assess the accommodation need

Upon receiving a referral, the IDEAA Team will determine if the need for an accommodation has sufficient grounds under the OHRC. Once established, the IDEAA Team will conduct a confidential interview and collect relevant documentation from the employee.

Review accommodation plan

After an accommodation plan is discussed with the employee, it will be presented to the People Leader and P&C representative to discuss operational feasibility.

In the case the request is not operationally feasible, alternative actions will be discussed.

Document accommodation agreement

The accommodation agreement will be documented in a signed agreement which is forwarded and stored by IDEAA, along with any relevant documentation.


People & Culture Consultants

Refer to IDEAA

When employees present an ongoing or IDEAA-related accommodation need, we encourage P&C representatives to consult with the IDEAA Team. For IDEAA related accommodation requests, P&C representatives should not attempt to investigate or interview the employees in question, or request documentation. The confidential interview will be conducted by the IDEAA Office.

Track IDEAA Accommodations

P&C Consultants should work with departments to track ongoing IDEAA accommodations. This includes:

  • Maintaining a list of active accommodations
  • Contacting the employee and the IDEAA Team 4 weekprior to the renewal date for ongoing accommodations to request a review

Empowering People Leaders 

P&C Consultants should be able to advise Leaders of their responsibilities in managing IDEAA accommodations, and be familiar with the circumstances in which an IDEAA accommodation is required. P&C Consultants should also be prepared to discuss operational feasibility with managers to determine ways of accommodating employees with unique needs.