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Introducing the 2022 IDEAA Survey 

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Introducing the 2022 IDEAA Survey 

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IDEAA survey

The IDEAA Survey is a data-gathering initiative founded by the Director of IDEAA, Jacqueline Silvera. Administered by our third-party data managers, WorkTango.

The IDEAA Survey was launched on October 12th and completed on November 30th. The survey collected voluntarily disclosed information about TeamUHN’s social identity such as gender, race, social class, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, and geographic location and the privilege or marginalization that come with them. The survey measured social identity based on the dimensions of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Anti-racism, Covid-19 Connectedness and overall Engagement.


February 2007- November 2017

A four-part series of UHN Dialogues on Race conducted by IDEAA advanced recommendations including: Anti-Racism policy, Indigenous-led programming and self-identification and sentiment survey.

December 2019

Third-party consultants Employment Matters Canada and WorkTango selected to carry out the technical administration and data analysis of the IDEAA Survey.

March 2020

Survey is delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic

April 2022

Selection and development of governance structure for Teams for five teams comprised of TeamUHN members to provide feedback on the project.

July 2022 – September 2022

IDEAA, EMC and WorkTango carry out town halls for people leaders, community members and P&C consultants to raise awareness about the upcoming survey

October 2022 – November 2022

The IDEAA Survey was formally launched and ran for a total of 41 days, achieving a 27.2% response rate. 5800+ respondents from across UHN participated in the data-gathering initiative, and over half of the respondents were people of colour.

November 2022 – May 2023

With the help of EMC, WorkTango and web developers, the IDEAA team has been assembling:

  • Action plans
  • Communication strategies
  • Learning and education plans to turn the survey data into actionable recommendations with associated Key Performance Indicators

May 2023

In the coming weeks, P&C consultants across UHN will receive reports for the departments and divisions they support; department leaders and TeamUHN members will be prescribed standardized action steps based on their respective scores in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Antiracism

Governance Strucure

Since 2019, the office of IDEAA, led by Jacqueline Silvera, has been developing models of equitable governance that observe EGAP and OCAP principles.

In 2021, the IDEAA team developed a 5-level governance model that looks to:

  • Directly implement feedback, insight and guidance from frontline staff and people leaders at UHN to the overall survey strategy
  • Opposes the “extraction” of information from equity-seeking communities by involving them as advisors, reviewers and ambassadors of the next steps
  • Brings information from the larger UHN community, including users, directly to decision-makers and executive leadership

The Governance structure: The Governance structure is in the shape of a triangle, where Escalation occurs from the bottom to the top, and Implementation occurs from the top to the bottom. The levels of the governance model are as follows from bottom to top.

  1. Operational
    • Data Users
    • Work Groups
      • Internal
        • Staff
        • Ambasadors
        • Physiciancs
        • Research
      • Governance
        • People Leaders
        • Labour
      • External
        • Communities
      • Business
  2. Tactical
    • Data Stewards
  3. Strategic
    • Survery Advisors
  4. Sponsors
    • Steering Committee
    • ELF