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Accessibility & Accommodations

Accommodations Support

What kind of accommodations are processed through IDEAA?

Non-medical accommodations that fall under protected human rights code ground are processed by the IDEAA Office.

Examples include:

  • Religious and faith-based accommodations (for example, acquiring days off for Eid or Yom Kippur)
  • Family status and caregiver accommodations (for example, requiring time off to support a dependent with exceptional needs)

Requesting an IDEAA Accommodation

If your accommodation request falls under protected OHRC grounds, you may request an accommodation through the IDEAA Office.

To process your request, a member of our team will conduct a confidential interview with you to better understand your needs. You may be required to submit documentation to substantiate your accommodation request. The full process may take up to 10-business days.

Request accommodation

Supporting Employees with non-medical accommodations

For questions about supporting employees with IDEAA needs in the work environment, visit the Roles & Responsibilities page below.

Your role in managing IDEAA Accommodations

Mask-fit accommodations

Due to legislative changes in 2020, wearing an N95 mask in certain UHN roles has become mandatory. If you are unable to complete the mask-fit test due to protected religious OHRC grounds, you may be eligible for an accommodation. Fill out the mask-fit exemption form below and email to initiate an accommodation request.

Mask-fit exemption request