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Centring inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility and antiracism in the clinical research setting.

Welcome to intersecting identities and the impact of inequitable healthcare on vulnerable patient populations.

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IDEAA in Healthcare

Cultivating inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility and antiracism (IDEAA) is vital to advancing the quality of healthcare delivery to all patient populations. In the clinical research setting, IDEAA becomes a pillar that uplifts the needs and lived-experiences of vulnerable patient populations that have historically been excluded from life-saving healthcare research.

How do I use this workbook?

  1. The current workbook is a collection of videos, Ted Talks, and clips from keynote lectures from professionals, academic leaders and cultural experts that discuss the intersection between IDEAA and positive and negative healthcare outcomes.While there are no quizzes associated with the material, the workbook contains reflection questions that aim to deepen your understanding of the role of IDEAA in clinical research and the broader healthcare field.
  2. The learnings in this workbook are self-paced and learners are encouraged to use their discretion when building a schedule for completing the workbook.
  3. The primary aim of this workbook is to introduce the relationship between IDEAA and the effects of IDEAA dimensions on healthcare delivery. It is important to note this workbook is unlikely to cover all the necessary grounds in IDEAA and should be treated as an introductory-level resource as opposed to a complete guide.

How long do I have to complete the workbook? 

  1. Participants should aim to review all the material in the workbook by June 30th, 2024

How will the CCTN team know I have completed the workbook? 

  1. Once you’ve completed the workbook, please complete the post-completion survey here: (link)