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The Black Legacy Committee at UHN

Black History Month 2024

The Colour of Proper Care presents Melissa Taylor (RSW/MSW) in her keynote presentation about the impacts of ancestral memory and workplace trauma

To watch the full video lecture, click here


The mandate and work of UHN’s Black Legacy Committee (BLC) is to promote the interests and increase awareness and understanding of equity issues related to Black and racialized communities at UHN service. This includes: employees, health care providers, students, volunteers, researchers, interns, patients, families, visitors, suppliers, contractors, affiliates research institutes and key stakeholders. The BLC also aims to support UHN in becoming one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers of Black and racialized communities.

Our Guiding Values

The partnership supporting our mandate and Terms of Reference (ToR) believes in:

  • Collaborating to achieve the best coordinated efforts
  • Respecting staffs’ diversity in planning and delivery of events
  • Respecting staffs’ contributions and adhering to UHN’s Respect and Civility policies
  • Transparency and adhering to UHN’s Conflict of Interest policy
  • Cultural competency

Join the BLC

To join the Black Legacy Committee at UHN, please email Sylvia Welsh, the Chair of the BLC, at

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